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Our story

One look and it’s easy to tell that YOU.FO is a cross between lacrosse and ultimate frisbee. That’s only the beginning of the story.

As a kid, Bas Ruyssenaars was inspired by a variety of sports and activities like soccer, Jai Alai (the world’s fastest ball game), frisbee, and even martial arts. Like most growing up without internet, Bas always created his own sport games using materials in and around the house. The idea for YOU.FO was one of those items – his dog’s rubber ring and a large wooden stick as the launching sword. It kept him entertained for days trying to throw it higher and farther until his next idea came along.
Fast forward to years later in 2010. While on vacation and playing frisbee with his son on the beach, he suddenly remembered the game with the ring and the stick he created when he was 16. With the growing popularity of ultimate and lacrosse in the USA and Europe, he thought it would be quite extraordinary to develop a hybrid of those two sports and using inspiration from various others at the same time.
Once back home Bas created the initial idea with a team of industrial designers specializing in aerodynamics (Arnold Jager), along with sport innovation professionals and sports teachers (Giel Bos & Tim Konings). After a few years of concept development and fine-tuning, YOU.FO was born!

Since then, YOU.FO won several national and international awards and was an official demo sport at the CSIT World Sport Games ’15 in Italy. In the summer of 2016 YOU.FO held its first official national Dutch Cup (competing six teams) and in the summer of 2017 the first YOU.FO World Cup was held in Riga, Latvia.
YOU.FO currently has activities in 10+ countries all over the world. It’s played within sportclubs, schools, communities, etc. in countries within Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, etc.), but also in other continents (Qatar, South-Korea, Afghanistan, Japan, etc.).

The YOU.FO-team: Tim Konings, Bas Ruyssenaars (inventor & CEO) & Giel Bos (CMO)


“Since YOU.FO is such a new concept, people have to first grasp the basic technique of throwing and catching. So I love that moment when they manage to throw and successfully catch for the first time. You always see a big smile on their face for ‘mastering the basics’.

With teams, I love it when players succeed in passing successfully using the full width and length of the field to get to the end zone. Because of the slow motion of the aerodynamics, it gives players time to follow the flight pattern and anticipate the next move.”

Bas Ruyssenaars, YOU.FO Owner/Inventor

Our goal

A worldwide accepted sports and leisure game
Easy to play, fun to master

We believe that YOU.FO can bring joy to lives. For young and old! Playing YOU.FO ensures a smile on your face!

The sport and leisure game is easy to play, but fun to master. Players experience the feeling of competence while improving. This makes people feel more self-esteemed.

Because of the community based structure of YOU.FO, players not only commit to the sports game, but also to its lifestyle! You’re not playing YOU.FO, you’re a YOU.FO player! Because there are no bureaucratic structures within YOU.FO, people have direct influence within the sports game.

“A comprehensive sports game with great potential for sports participation worldwide.”
NOC*NSF (National Dutch Olympic Committee)

Our product

Designed for perfect control and great aerodynamics
Easy to play, fun to master

Throwing stick
Made of aluminium frame which is 100% recyclable, the cone is composed of 2k mold with a durable rubber tip.
Length       94cm
Weight       600gr

The ring is composed of 2k mold with durable rubber coating.
Diameter    23cm
Weight        160gr

Our manufacturing partner is a member of Return 2 Sender Foundation (R2S), which enables high recycling of all YOU.FO plastic components (including ring and cone).

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