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We’re here to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and would love to hear from you. For your convenience, see below for FAQs in case you see your question listed.

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How long is the stick? 
94 centimeters / 37 inches

How much does it weigh?
600 gram / 1.5 pounds

What is the diameter of the ring?
23 centimeters / 9 inches

What materials are the stick and ring made of? 
The stick is made of an aluminum frame, which is 100% recyclable, and its red cone is composed of a durable rubber tip. The ring is made of a durable rubber.

Can it be packed in a suitcase?
At this time, YOU.FO does not fit in standard suitcases. However, it does pack in hockey bags.

Is it waterproof, and does it float?  
YOU.FO does float and can be played in the water – it’s quite refreshing in the summer!

How do I learn the basics of throwing and catching?
Visit How to Play to watch our instructional video and read some basic throwing and catching tips.

Also, visit here for more tips about playing YOU.FO

What surface can you play on?
Anywhere! YOU.FO will go wherever YOU go. Play it in your backyard, on the beach, on disc golf courses, in tennis courts, or in the street. Just watch out for any obstacles and unsuspecting people!

What are the rules for the official team game?
You can download and read the official game rules here.

How far can you throw the ring with the sticks?
You can throw the ring to fly as far as 30 yards (90 feet). Think you can get it to fly farther? Show us!

Where does the name YOU.FO come from?
It comes from the future! Well, kinda. YOU.FO is inspired by and derived from the concept of UFOs. After developing our double-decker ring, it looked quite like and flew like a UFO. Thus, the name was born!

Is there a minimum age for playing YOU.FO?
With our current deluxe sport edition, the recommend age is 10+.

Where can I find more video’s of people playing YOU.FO?
You can visit our Vimeo page for more videos, or watch more on our Facebook page. We can only hope they propel you to grab a set, so you share your own YOU.FO videos with us!

The red cone of my stick has scuff marks on it. Is this normal?
Yes! In fact, it helps improve your game. The scuff marks gives your stick more traction/grip, which improves your throws and gives the ring more spin.

What is your return policy?
If you experience any issues or have a defective product, please contact so we can assist you.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
All orders are shipped via UPS Ground and arrive within 5-7 business days after you place your order.