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YOU.FO Leisure Fun

Challenge yourself and your friends

YOU.FO is all about having fun with your friends and family! Challenge yourself and your friends & family to make a cool or funny video of you guys playing YOU.FO!

Try to make a trick shot and send in your video!

The best trick shots will get into the YOU.FO Trick Shot Hall of Fame! Only the best trick shots will get in there, so we challenge you to send in your best YOU.FO Trick Shot video!

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Trick Shot Hall of Fame

Kanjam Style

Basket Style

Skate Style

YOU.FO Around the World

YOU.FO Fun all Around the Globe

In addition to our goal to become a globally accepted sports and leisure game, we want to bring joy and vitality into peoples lives all around the globe! YOU.FO is fun to play and we want to share this with everyone on this beautiful planet!

For this reason we are making a YOU.FO Around the World video, in which we want the YOU.FO ring to travel the world in order to bring joy and happiness into each country on this beautiful planet!

Feel free to send in your Around the World video! We would love to add it into YOU.FO Around the World!

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