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Playing FAQs

Getting Started

YOU.FO combines the elements of lacrosse and ultimate frisbee for an entirely new game to play. No matter if you’re playing in teams, with a friend, practicing trick shots on the beach, or spicing up a disc golf course in the park, YOU.FO is out of this world fun.


  • Hold the stick horizontally with the ring sitting on top of the red cone.
  • Swing the stick forward using pull and push movement with both arms in order to launch the ring. Pull the left arm backwards and simultaneously push the right arm forwards  (if left-handed, do opposite).
  • Finish the throwing movement by pointing in the direction you want the ring to go. Make a flick/quick movement to launch the ring.


  • Anticipate the direction of the ring and move your stick along with it.
  • Follow the ring so it comes down on the stick. It’s easier to catch when you move the stick downwards to take out the bounce.

Ways to play


Pick your game: Freestyle or set-rule game play, one-on-one or in teams, with goals or without.
Pick your location: In city parks and sports grounds, on the beach and in the fields, or indoors

You score points by grounding the ring on the opponent’s part of the playing field. Or when the opposing team commits a fault. One-on-one or in teams. Minimal distance between playing fields: 20 yards.



YOU.FO golf can be played on disc golf courses, or in parks/areas where avoiding trees and other objects becomes part of the game challenge. The object of the game is to create and complete a target course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws. Each throw is made from where the ring came to rest after the last throw. Score is determined by counting the number of throws made to reach each target. Whoever completes the course with the lowest score wins!


YOU.FO Teamplay | Official competition game

Our official game is a mixed-gender teamgame (teams of 3-6 players). Each team has their designated scoring zone  on each side of the playing field. Score points by catching the ring in your scoring zone. If the ring touches the ground it can be ‘claimed’, by being the first to push the red tip of the YOU.FO stick in the ring. This makes YOU.FO dynamic, fun and challenging for everyone! Young and old! Minimum playing field 20 x 30 meters.

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Infinite possibilities for YOU.FO Fun

Fun for young and old!

YOU.FO is versatile, it can be played in gymnasiums, outdoors, during recess, after-school, anytime, anywhere! In addition, you can play it in pairs, teams, on your own, the possibilities are endless. We prepared multiple possible activities for you to try with your team, school or friends. Contact us for more information.

We want you to join our adventure of creating a global sports and leisure game. With our YOU.FO starter pack we make it easy & fun to start playing. Interested in starting a club, or making YOU.FO a part of your PE or activity program? Contact us to get started.


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