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Get started and join us in the creation of a global sports & leisure game! We have different packages for different kind of cooperations and partnerships. Interested in wholesale? Feel free to contact us.

Want to become a ‘Official YOU.FO Partner’ or a ‘Official YOU.FO Educational Partner’, please feel free to contact us for more information. In addition, with our YOU.FO starter pack we make it easy and fun to start playing. Interested in starting a club, or making YOU.FO a part of your PE or activity program? Contact us to get started. Or just participate in one of our upcoming events.

  • Versatile – YOU.FO can be played in gymnasiums, outdoors, during recess, after-school, anytime, anywhere!
  • YOU.FO play accommodates pairs, groups, or  teams. Students learn the importance of teamwork and inclusion.
  • Appropriate for ages 10+

Upcoming Events


Becoming a Partner

Want to become an official partner and introduce YOU.FO in your country? Please contact us. We are always looking for new possibilities to introduce YOU.FO and bring joy into people lives.

YOU.FO Fun is all around the Globe. The YOU.FO Ring has already landed in The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Japan, Qatar, Afghanistan, South-Korea, India and Sri Lanka.

We welcome out latest distribution partners TRESS in Denmark en AzetX in Poland

Want to become a partner in one of these countries, or in a new country or region? Feel free to contact us.

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Learn2Play Workshops

Want to play worlds newest innovative sports game for the first time? We advise you to take part in a YOU.FO Learn2Play Workshop!

In our workshop you learn the basics of throwing, catching and picking up the YOU.FO ring with our specially designed sticks. We ensure you that within an hour you will be able of playing our official competition game and having the best time of your life!

“A YOU.FO workshop is a unique fun and challenging activity”, thus a Learn2Play workshop participant. Download our Information Brochure, or feel free to contact us below.

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How to get Started?



Our starter pack contains:

  • YOU.FO equipment
  • Instructions and game ideas
  • Promotion material
  • Qualified YOU.FO train-the trainer course (build your own demo team)
  • (Online) support

YOU.FO equipment contains:

  • Official YOU.FO sticks
  • Official aerodynamic YOU.FO rings
  • Special carrying bags

For more information on starting a YOU.FO club/league, or introducing YOU.FO to your PE or activity program, please contact us below.

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