Frequently Asked Questions (Tips&Tricks)


How do I ensure safe situations during my YOU.FO lessons?
While playing YOU.FO there is one important rule that needs to be ensured at all time: safe distance of arm+stick length distance around the ring possessive player. So always keep arm plus stick length distance between another player, specially when this player is in possession of the ring.

In addition, during technique practice always ensure the same throwing direction. Make sure the sun and wind are coming from the side an make two lines so you regulate the throwing direction.


I can’t throw the ring consistently in one direction, what should I do?
When throwing the ring with your stick, make a push and pull movement with your arms instead of swinging your upper body. You will easily generate force with the push and pull movement, which leads to a more consistent release of the ring in the direction you want to throw. You will also get more spin in your throw, which leads to a better flight effect and makes it easier to catch the ring!

Why does the ring make a left turn during its flight? 
Your right elbow is to high (if you’re right-handed). Keep your right elbow next to your body and make sure your stick stays horizontal during the entire push & pull movement! When your stick is not kept horizontal during the entire movement, but has a slight vertical influence in its movement, the ring will have the same vertical influence in its flight and will turn to the left.  If you’re left-handed, this would be the opposite.

Why is the ring getting off to early (and ends up next to me instead of in front of me)?
You’re moving to much with your hips and upper body, instead of your arms. Keep your shoulders and toes pointing the direction you want to throw and make a pull and push movement with your arms. In addition, make sure the stick is always in front or next to your shoulder, instead of behind your shoulder. You can also ensure this by fully stretching out your left hand in the direction you want to throw (if you’re right-handed).

Why is the ring not thrown in the direction I want to?
At the end of your throw, you have to follow through in the direction you want to throw. The throwing direction is based on the speed you generate during the push and pull movement and the immediate stop or follow through movement in the throwing direction. Make sure you end with your stick and right hand (if you’re right-handed) fully stretched out in the direction you want to throw the ring.

Why is my throw uncatchable?
Make a slight upwards movement, within the horizontal movement, when you throw. Start with the red tip of the stick at shoulder-height and end your throwing movement at eye-height. This way the ring is thrown slightly upwards, which makes it more easy to catch for your buddy/teammate.

In addition, start by trying to do the throwing movement in slow-motion. Even in slow-motion you are able to throw 5-10 meters, but this makes it more easy to catch the ring.


Why does the ring bounce off my stick when I try to catch it?
Unnatural in catching is that you don’t have to move towards te ring, but you have to move away from the ring (follow the movement of the ring). It is important to anticipate on the ring, move with the ring with your entire body to collect te bounce, and follow through while catching the ring. Similar to catching a raw egg.

It’s difficult to reduce the bounce by moving with the ring, what should I do?
First, it’s important that you anticipate where the ring will land and move towards the flight path. Then move your arms towards the ring and make sure they are almost straight. When the ring makes contact with your stick, follow the movement of the ring with your arms. Often people don’t move their arms, but their entire body. It’s easier to move with/follow the flight movement of the ring with your arms than your body.


How do I pick up the ring using the stick?
Picking up the ring depends on the surface you’re playing on. With turf, grass, beaches, you could use the friction of the surface to pick up the ring. When the surface is slippery (indoor gym, pavement), you need to push on the edge of the ring to pick it up. Here are some ways you can pick up the ring:

If you put the stick in the middle of the ring, turn it a little bit and push on the ring. If you now pull the stick towards your body, the ring will capsize which makes it able to put the stick inside of the ring and pick it up.

Backside push:
The ring is surrounded with a small edge. If you push on this edge with the backside of the tip of your stick, the ring will capsize which makes it able to put the stick inside of the ring and pick it up.

Frontside push:
The ring is surrounded with a small edge. If you push on this edge with the frontside of the tip of your stick, the ring will capsize which makes it able to put the stick inside of the ring and pick it up.

If you have a different question, or you think something needs to be added to the Tips&Tricks, feel free to send us an email.